Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Secrets hidden
Silent tears
Bits and pieces
Pain that sears

How can I find
The path to home
Lost in the wilderness
So far to roam

Darkness is binding
Eternity of night
Stand in the shadows
Waiting for the fight

Hating the weakness
Of the broken cry
Contradicting emotions
Now where do I lie

Treading on softly
Busting the bubble
Explosion of elation
White dust, black rubble

Parts to a puzzle
Never seem to fit
Figure out the answer
Bit by bit


Sometimes, have you ever felt like the world is closing in on you? Like the walls all around you are creeping closer and closer every time you try to pretend not to notice?

You feel like you're suffocating, and when you're finally let out of this hell, you take huge gasping breaths, as you try to stop shivering from the fear. Maybe it seems like I'm just exaggerating a little, but I kid you not, claustrophobia is bloody scary.

Why do people become claustrophobic? I have no clue. Why am I? Well I probably have a small memory that feeds this

I don't know how old I was, probabl
y six or seven. At that age, I used to have huge cat fights with my sister; all snarls and claws, and I remember once we made our mum so mad that she locked me up in the bathroom to stop us from fighting. The first time she did it, I was too angry to even notice, and I barely cared. But as it kept happening with each fight, the paranoia started creeping in. By the fourth time I was so afraid I kept hitting the door till I was let out.

I know that its quite strange - wasn't I supposed to get used to it, if it kept happening? But instead I ended up freaking out more and more.

Now I have this huge fear of small places. Bathrooms, wardrobes, lifts, you name it, I hate it. I can usually survive lifts if there's at least one mirror. A mirror really does help give the illusion of more space. I detest bathrooms with wierd locks. And wardrobes, well lets just say, there's whole new reason for that one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Halfterm starts tomorrow~ WoOT
But its only 5 days -__- INCLUDING the weekend -__-;
AND we're getting the halfterm reports today. Urgh.
I don't really care. (YES I DO) Really. I don't. (I DO)
Well maybe about the maths mark (ESPECIALLY)


Moving. On.


I'm going mad. Madmadmad. (I ALREADY AM)
every1 knows dat~ (aQILAH AGAIN)
Why am i saying evertthing in three's anyway?
I want sushi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
AND chocolateeeeeeeee
ALOT of chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I'm highhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Aqilah has ice coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee
( i want FOOOOOOOOOOD)any1 have any?????????? thin yummy (aQILAH)


Monday, January 5, 2009

P r e v i e w

"I've seen this look before. Defeat." Sasha looked disappointed as she stared down at the crumpled figure that sat, leaning against the floor with his head in his hands.

"Just go away." He uttered the words without looking up.

"You had best be broken for a good reason, Rain." She was glaring now, arms crossed, anger radiating from her readily.

"I'm not broken." He was angry too and yet there was a desperation in his voice, that she didn't understand. "Look, Sasha," He started to speak again with a sigh. "I'm not like you okay. I don't do this because I want to. I don't kill people cause that's the only thing I know. I... I do it to survive."

"Then what's the problem here?" She looked exasperated. "Survival is an instinct. Why are you so... so upset?"

"It sickens me. That I have fallen so low, just to survive." He glanced away, so she couldn't see his face. "I... when I was small, I remember... I remember how I'd always wanted to become a doctor when I grew up." He laughed unhappily. "Look at me now. I've become the total opposite."

"And so you've given up?" Sasha sneered, her voice cool. "And what are you going to do now? Runaway like before? Leave everything you've worked so hard to create, and become a drunk beggar on the street, wallowing away in self-pity?"

"No! No... I... I..." He nearly shouted in horror, stumbling for words.

"You refuse?" Rain could feel the sadistic form of amusement in her expression, without even seeing her face. She was, most definitely smirking. "Ah... then you have finally seen the light?"

He looked up finally, glowering at her, his eyes as cold as ice. "I will not... loose everything... not now. That was just a momentary weakness. It will not happen again."

She gave him an infuriating half-smile, and then turned around quickly on her heel, walking away in her graceful quick strides that never stopped reminding him of a panther's prowl. "Is that a promise?" She spoke over her shoulder.


- t w i s t e d t r i l o g y - p a r t 2 - b e f o r e t h e s t o r m -