Friday, September 26, 2008


First things first.
Why chocolate?
Well you know; apart from the fact that I love it more that a fat kid loves cake, what could possibly be better than chocolate? Come on! Why turn to drugs or alcohol or smoking when chocolate is always there? xD
Plus - chocolate is UNIVERSAL. It's everywhere. Anywhere. Walk into any corner shop or kiosk and it'll be there. Hell open you fridge, or cupboard or whatever - chocolate will be there somewhere.
I love chocolate because it makes me happy and high and totally nuttier than I already am. I'm addicted. Obsessed. Hooked. Whatever you wanna call it. Take my chocolate away from me and I WILL kill you... Joking of course. ::insertevilgrin::
Okay now I'm beginning to sound like a chocolate advertisement. But what the hell - you know I don't care. Chocolate is uber cool.
Yeah so apart from from my obvious obsession with chocolate..... what do I say?
What shall I talk about? What do I do? Who do I call? Why do I care? When will I die?
Where am I? What the.....
Oops. Ok sorry about that. Quit the O_O face will you? I was just off with a small bout of ADD.
xP Just kidding of course. But who knows?
Do you? o_O